sunnuntai 26. heinäkuuta 2009

Nuijasota - Cudgel War

The time of my life! I have never experienced anything like that and I fallen in love. I thought that I just would enjoy of to being in nature but no. I got new friends, thank you Poukka’s and Torna’s people! I spend enjoyable mornings on sauna porch. I had really good food, thank you Eva and Uffe. And I got milk less food also. ;-D And thank you all whom made my days, nights and mornings really enjoyable, funny and warms in Cudgel war! You know whom you are. ;-D And thank you Knight Rian, Lord Torrkil, Lady Estrid and Lord Geiri for our conversations! =) And thank you for landsknecht’s porn pants. LOL!

The ten days trip to Kavalahti just went too fast by. In the end of the happening we were talking with girls that this event should last two weeks and not 10 days. Then we would have time to do other things than run from place to place. Sometimes I wondered that without clock or phones alarm I wouldn’t be nowhere at time. Because we had certain time schedule in there and if you are living in middle age you just do what you do or have to do. Like I had to make a hood for me, because of the cold weather, in two days.

And sleeping after really late party night and morning was important and it wouldn’t work out without the phone. There were probably all the nights that I didn’t get to bed earlier than 2 a.m. I just couldn’t leave in middle of the conversations or amusement. Few mornings I woke up 11 a.m because I went to bed 6 a.m. This last morning of the event I woke up 9 a.m. though I went to bed 6 am. But the fault was a beautiful morning, too nice company and interesting conversations. Maybe there were also some reason of that it was a last night. But seeing the sunrise, seeing the golden sparkling in shivering, green leafs and in the hay I just couldn’t miss that. And one image has printed in to my eyes. The the sun golded everything like our beautiful nature and the person who were walking a way from me in that morning sun. Like in old western movies where man rides to sunset we could compare that.

If some one is thinking that the practising middle age is like something role play, it is not just so. All the people whom I met and spend time with were really genuine under their clothes. They were not acting anyhow and gave a chance to let me know them. Though I found a few persons also from there, whom thinks that they are something better than many other of us. But it is a same situation in everyplace, you just doesn’t cope with everyone. I just hope that these people should start to think that how many new people they learn to know in every Cudgel war or are they just those persons whom I saw in groups where you couldn’t get in?!

There mornings started in by breakfast. Then we had to chance to participate in some courses if we wanted. The lunch, as I call it, was on 2 p.m. and after that we had those courses again. Few days we had also chance to see boys fighting’s in Cudgel war and in tournaments. And I have to say that I was really impressed. I had always thought it is some kind of little playing. But I was soooo wrong. They wore a really heavy gears to protect them and they fought few hours under the warm sun. And I saw injured bodies on the evenings and the men were really exhausted after every fight. Today I heard that some of the men had lost in other tournaments their tooth’s. So it is not really a light and safe hobby.

But it is certain that in next year, if nothing happens, I am so going to there. Now I just have to start to make a new dress for me to Investituura which is in September. Then we will have a new baroness and baron. I have to make a lot of tissues for that event because I am really sure that I will cry. There are the others farewell and the others coming. And I am sure that there is lot of emotions on the air. And I really wait that I can see these people from Cudgel war again in there!

And keep your fingers crossed that I don’t get the stomach flu. It started to harvest our participants but luckily it is a easy bug and only 5 from 100 got it in those 10 days.

Oh! I almost forgot. Thank you Ilkka and Henriikkus Pöksyläinen from the knife!!! It has been made in passion and in the beach of Kavalahti. Maybe that was the first time ever that anyone made knife on that place. So boys made history! And I have to say that I love that knife. A picture from it is coming also in the future. =) Those men a really openhearted and honest ones. And we had fun! Greetings to Ismo and to Ladies too! ;-D

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  1. see?!?! it's not that difficult, just go with the flow. whenever you descend from cloud nine, details of the kiss are wanted...

  2. There were just a smack from a girl. LOL! And there were a little a bit of alcohol in the situation with. I got only hugs from male persons. So, nothing so much to tell about.