perjantai 28. kesäkuuta 2019

Forgotten blog

Time flies indeed. Have to admit that I have forgot the blog for years. I felt it was hard to write to here and I was more on with my phone than computer. And I am not the best person to write up how I did something and take a photos while doing. I just go into doing that I forget to take a photos.

I have practised now 10 years medieval hobby in association called SCA (social creativity of anachronism). I have deeply enjoyed and it has been my personal “get away” -place. Nowadays life can be so hectic that it’s just nice to toss modern life to a side and live other time and place with easygoing mentality. :)

I try to continue to write in here but from now on I shall do it only English. Sorry Mom! One reason why I did not post often was that I had to write everything in two times. Now I try to stay in here only in English. It’s a language what I use in everyday life. Still sorry from my all mistakes with this language. I don’t like grammar and I try to write all how I hear them in my head. Lol!

I have made much stuff but here are couple of photos from last achievement.

This scroll as we call it is illuminated and calligraphed picture. The base with leaves has been made with gouache paints and black drawing pen like maybe 6 years ago. Paper is just watercolour paper. Nowadays I prefer drawing with ink and to Pergamenata. Easier to work when I make mistakes. Also I used gold paint into this work. Calligraphy was made in May this year and style is Bastarda. I like it really much. This has given out in Drachenwald court in Sweden this May. 

This making scrolls what we give out in our courts to our association members is just my passion. I deeply want to learn more the technique. I am not so eager to make ink or paints, I want to learn to use my pen and paint. I want to be really good in copying medieval illumination pictures and make those to be perfect to those people whom shall receive it. It’s my goal. 

I could write so many lines about how to make and why and so on but I am not good in that field yet so I feel I am not the teacher in this field. There are a way more better ones who share their knowledge. I want to share more inspiration to others that if I can make, you can make it too! I am not that person who get the perfect line when takes pen to hand or I am not the artists whom just in few minutes create something amazing. I use hours to do stuff... sometimes too little. :) Patience is the key to this scroll making. Until the next time and next pics! Summer is here, enjoy! 

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  1. wow, you’re better than i am... only occasional thoughts on maybe revive my blog